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Portico India

With over three decades of experience in the home styling Industry, a company focused on home-specific products was a natural, next step for the organization. The Creative Group launched Creative Portico in 2005. Portico creates bed, bath and top of bed solutions that reflect the forever changing trends of global fashion. With Creative’s passion for innovation with printed fabric, Portico’s products provide a compelling and unique value proposition. Original design and premium fabric are at the heart of Portico’s product development approach, as a result of which it is amongst the fastest growing home styling solutions company in the market.

Portico New York

Portico New York (launched in 2004) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Creative Portico Pvt. Ltd.

Where are we now?

Despite its relatively late entry in to the market, Portico India swiftly made up for lost time and is currently ranked as the #2 player in the country. Its main prowess continues to be in the bed and bath segment but is rapidly becoming a formidable player in home and interiors too. Currently, over 200 outlets showcase Portico’s products.

Visit our website: www.porticoindia.com

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