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bedbathmore.com was launched in 2012 as a natural synergy between existing business verticals of the group like IT, Warehousing, Product Design, Manufacturing and Brand Presence. With a vast catalogue of superior and quality offerings not available everywhere, multiple price points and great customer service, bedbathmore.com is a quick and easy shopping experience fulfilling consumer need for a delightful, refreshing & modern dream home via an extensive range of Bed and Bath products.

Bed, Bath & More

Catering to the quintessential home proud audience, bedbathmore.com services over 3000 locations and also has its own warehouses and designers. A talented team of 35 is behind the portal's success. The future seems just as bright for this Creative Group division, specially as it continues to attract investors (venture capital, private equity etc.) who are able to identify it's impending growth; the goal is to eventually become India’s largest online home furnishing website.