Creating Business Value
In A Borderless World
Creative Group's mission is to be a leading, reliable, cost-effecient
supply partner for the textile industry,
especially for apparel brands, home textiles & reatailers worldwide.
The Creative Group, founded in 1974, has transformed since its inception. The Company was initially started by Mr. Vijay Agarwal as a small India-specific garment facility in Lower Parel and now, after witnessing exponential growth, has become one of the India’s largest garment manufacturers and exporters. Creative’s ability to innovate and reputation as a reliable supplier of premium quality fabric is well-known by its associates and is largely responsible for the Company’s ability to consistently stay ahead of the curve.


At Mystère, we love dreamers. We love mornings where we stretch out in our duvet reluctant to let the sun hit our eyes, wishing we could just curl up with a good book. We are all about those perfect days spent watching a funny movie with friends or strolling in a mall, day-dreaming, looking chic yet comfortable.

Some of the world's leading fashion houses & retail brands choose us
as their preferred manufacturing partner.